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April 18, 2019


DiCAPac Waterproof Smartphone Case fully undergoes pre-testing in the company’s own factory in Korea, it is a reliable product with minimal defects. In particular, WP-C2i, the premium model, is made of polycarbonate and has a transparent window to provide clear photo shooting to users of smartphone waterproof packs. In addition, the double-layered method has anti-shock protection, and buoyancy performance, and is also equipped with features that reduce the risk of loss of electronic equipment.

Aqurun is an aqua shoe brand for leisure. Made of TPR material and spandex, it is lightweight, and non-slip, and is leading the aqua shoe market with its cutting-edge design.
DiCAPac Waterproof Smartphone Case and Aqurun are provided to major water parks, large megastores, and duty-free shops in Korea and these products are exported to over 60 countries.
Established in 2005, DiCAPac is a manufacturer of various kinds of digital appliance waterproof cases and leisure products.

Its products have acquired IP6X and IPX8, dust- and water-proofing ratings, Japan’s JIS IPX8 (top 8th grade), and ISO 9001 as well as about 30 domestic and foreign patents.

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