Ginseng Extract Healthy Drinks

Cultured Korean Mountain Ginseng, a wild ginseng beverage, is a healthy beverage containing ginseng root and red ginseng concentrate as main ingredients. It also contains and various herbal extracts such as ganoderma lucidum, angelica gigas, sukjipphi, tantricum, licorice, jujube, and vitamins.
Red Ginseng Power is a health drink containing various herbal extracts such as jujube, gugija, cinnamon, sukjihwang, angelica, and vitamins added to red ginseng concentrate, the main ingredient.

Miryeo + Powder Collagen 5,000 is a skin health drink containing 5000 mg of collagen. This product helps remove melisma and freckles, as well as improving skin pigmentation, and increasing skin elasticity. It also strengthens the bones, hair, and nails.
Established in 1999, Wellbiotech has been producing health drinks and exporting them to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and the USA.

The company is attracting a lot of attention through its wide range of products including health drinks, diet drinks, and collagen drinks. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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