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April 19, 2019

Anylock is a new-concept sealing method for plastic packaging used for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables.

It can reseal open plastic packages of cereals, snacks and coffee to keep them airtight and crisp, preserve meat and fish odor completely, and seal leftovers. It can also be used to store and carry personal items while traveling.
AnyLock sealing rods and freshness bags provide air and waterproof seal that keeps all kinds of food products fresher for longer. Both the rods and bags are tough, puncture resistant and reusable. Simply slide the rod on the specially designed bags to keep food fresh and protected from taints and odors. Fold above the contents and slide the sealing rod along the bag to create a perfect seal time after time. The sealing rods can be used to close any thin food packaging.

AnyLock is currently available in retail and home shopping networks in over 30 countries.
Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. manufactures components of mechanical tools and industrial machinery. Daesung Global Co., Ltd. became an independent company in 2014. It has since been engaged in the production, distribution, and sales of AnyLock, a world-renowned patented product, and is exported to over 40 companies worldwide. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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