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BALLOP Aqua Lander is the world’s first flipper-type shoe created by the hands of Italian footwear designer Walter Monici. The hydrodynamic flipper of the shoe front minimizes the friction in the water to increase swimming speed, and the suckers of the outsole provide excellent support on land, thus allowing one to walk like with normal shoes.
In addition, the three-stage drainage system facilitates quick drying through superior ventilation and drainage holes. It has received a gold medal at ISPO, the world’s largest outdoors show in Münich.

The Water Chameleon series may seem to be made of normal fabric when it is dry, but it reveals the hidden pattern when exposed to water. It has been released in two kinds – aqua shoes and lash guards. Based on its unique technology,

this product is characterized by fast draining and excellent grip on the road. Water Chameleon is suitable not only for water sports performed on bare feet, but also for light jogging and fitness.
Established in 2013, GTS Global Co., Ltd. has more than 1000 SKUs, maintaining the top position in the domestic market with stable OEM while steadily pioneering overseas markets, starting with Germany and Italy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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