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Processed Sweet Potatoes & Snacks | Korean Products

May 15, 2019

The sweet potato products produced by Middlechae Corporation, holding a patent technology for sweet potato baking devices, are cleaned by washing carefully selected sweet potatoes, stone-plate grilled, and then flash-frozen at -40° to minimize destruction of the taste and nutrients the of sweet potatoes.

By using the flash freezing method, the original taste of the sweet potato remains intact even, after thawing and the shelf life is enhanced.
Consisting of A Day’s Sweet Potatoes, It’s OK. Sweet Potatoes, ICE Sweet Potatoes, etc., this product is convenient to eat hot or cold like a natural ice cream. It is also good as children’s snacks and for adults’ diet as well as helpful for elderly seniors who suffer from constipation.
Established in 2018, Middlechae Corporation is the first company in Korea to mass-produce roasted sweet potatoes and has been manufacturing iced sweet potatoes. Under the management philosophy “Long and Healthy Life through Natural Foods without Additives,” the company is currently expanding its business into producing barbecued meat and grilled fish in addition to sweet potatoes. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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