Korean Wild Ginseng Products


SamDawon Co., Ltd. has reinterpreted modern Korean wild ginseng products such as Gongjindan and Gyeongokgo products to make them easy to carry and to ingest.

By applying its exclusive technologies, the company has improved the digestion-absorption rate and therapeutic effect of the products, and has doubled Saponin content of wild ginseng by using patented fermentation technology as well as traditional technology to wash, steam, and dry raw materials and fine grinding of material’s cell wall to less than 5μm through air milling by using aerodynamic method. In addition, no water is used during processing. Containing only organic ingredients certified by the government, SamDawon products are used as medicines in hospitals for their effects such as improvement of sexual function, increase of immunity, improved blood flow, and liver function and relief from hangovers and physical fatigue, as well as health benefits for elderly people recovering from menopause.
SamDawon products have been awarded the Order of Industrial Service Merit, the Good Design Award, the Gold Prize for Promising Export Goods, and Healing Awards at the International Food Industry Exhibition (SEOUL FOOD).

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