Granola Powdered Soymilk

Granola Powdered Soymilk is a nutritional product made of granola with powdered soy milk made by finely pulverizing a variety of grains such as soybeans, black beans, brown rice, barley, and Job’s-tears. It is a product made of 100% non-woven material containing no chemical ingredients such as emulsifiers, preservatives, sweeteners, coloring agents or flavoring.
The entire nutrients of whole soybean are absorbed into the body due to the use of a nanotechnical processing method (air flow milling) to minimize the nutrient loss of raw materials. With granola added to it, this product is a fine substitute food. Contained in a cup, it can also be enjoyed anytime and anywhere with excellent portability.

Founded in 2006, YOUMEONE is a specialized manufacturer of natural food products and is the only company to manufacture whole soybean-curd making machines in Korea, providing a total-solution for making soybean bean-curd. Its patented ultra-fine grinding technology is used to produce granola powdered soymilk cups and Granola Powdered Soymilk One-Cup using the whole soybean milk and bean-curd as well as soybean micropowder. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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