Powdered Meal


New Meal Good Balance is a powdered meal substitute that can be eaten by mixing with water or milk. It is a powder mixture of grains, pulses, nuts and other nutrients. The brown rice mixed in the form of grain allows one to enjoy its crispy, chewy taste. New Meal Good Balance is easy to carry, thus being convenient for businesspersons and is particularly good for women on a diet.
Established in 1998, Dooridoori Co., Ltd. produces a wide range of cereal products as well as various raw materials for confectionery and bakery.

Having acquired HACCP, ISO 22000, and food facility registration by FDA, etc., the company holds five patents for the manufacture of ready-to-eat rice and diet food through intensive technology development.
The company is striving to establish a leading position in the cereal processing field by supplying finished products to large retail outlets and raw materials to large food companies, while producing various OEM products, and further exploring overseas export markets.
Dooridoori is fully committed to strict quality control through automated production facilities and research institutes attached to companies.

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