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May 29, 2019

Patio Zenga, Patio Balancing Tree, and Patio Pinball are educational tools developed in consideration of the characteristics of the elderly. It not only provides the user with fun and interest, but also helps prevent dementia, improve concentration and develop small muscle function.

By providing curriculums to apply these devices, it is easy to use in various facilities for the elderly and disabled, occupational therapy, and special schools.

The mission cards included in the products are in different levels of difficulty, so that activities can be carried out according to one’s level. These products are made by using wood and non-polluting dyestuffs for safety, thus having excellent effect on tactile stimulation.
PATIO Co., Ltd. has been developing educational tools for the elderly since 2017 with the goal of providing vitality and joy to people’s lives. The company has been certified as a Venture Company and a Preliminary Social Enterprise. PATIO continues to develop textbooks and discourses for people with disabilities and elderly people seeking dementia prevention, stroke rehabilitation, cognitive ability improvement, and small muscle development to prepare for the era of population aging. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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