Multi-Functional Medical Bed

Patients with reduced mobility have a greater risk of injuries when moving to the bathroom, whereas using disposable diapers may bring shame to the patient and cause odors or infection. The toilet-embedded bed manufactured by Mother’s Hands Inc. prevents the caregiver and patient from being injured because it does not require excessive movement, while allowing patient to remove the diaper. The waste dropped into the polybag can be easily removed with a cutter attached to the bed, leaving no feces or odors on the hands. In addition, polybags are environmentally friendly since they are biodegradable.

A shower is attached to the bed, so the caregiver can wash the patient cleanly. If the caregiver removes the upper mat, there is a shampoo basin so the caregiver can wash patient’s hair when patient lies on the bed. Existing products do not allow the patient to lower his or her legs so the patient may have difficulty in defecation. Mother’s Hands bed can be adjusted in a perfect chair shape so that the patient can have a comfortable bowel movement and enjoy spare time.

Mother’s Hands Inc. produces innovative toilet-embedded bed for bedridden patients. Patients can use the toilet attached on the bed at any time. This is to ensure not only the dignity of the patient, but also the prevention of infection and the safety of caregivers. Moreover, using a biodegradable polybag helps to reduce medical waste dramatically produced by diapers. The bed has been developed based on the president’s personal experience of caring his mother. Holding patents for the core technology, Mother’s Hands Inc. runs its own quality improvement facility. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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