Phytoncide Products

NF-500 emits natural phytoncide in any location. This phytoncide vaporizer keeps a building’s interior filled with forest-like freshness. Phytoncide, a God-given natural air treatment, provides not only therapeutic effects such as prevention of airborne bacterial infection, and increased immunity, but also remarkable health benefits by relieving insomnia and stress, enhancing concentration, and preventing bad odors and indoor chemicals.

Hydropy Mask & Mist, the world’s first Daytime Skin Maintenance product, is a powerful antioxidant made entirely from natural ingredients.
Other products include home spray products for deodorization and anti-bacteria of bedspreads, furniture, shoe racks, etc.
Phytoncide Korea Inc. produces the highest quality phytoncide extract solution and the largest amount of undiluted solution in the world. The company extracts oil from only the southern part of the country, which has the best phytoncide emulsification effect. Unlike other counterparts using cheap and ineffective imported oil, Phytoncide Korea self-produces oils by directly extracting them from domestic sources. In particular, the microcapsule phytoncide oil is the only one of its kind in the world. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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