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June 12, 2019


The acetaldehyde produced in the process of liver detoxification affects the entire body including the intestines.
Sool-Ae-Ta-U is a new-concept probiotics product developed for the relief of hangovers caused by excessive drinking. Unlike other hangover relievers generally taken before or after drinking alcohol, this product relieves hangovers in the middle of drinking and next morning. Although added into alcohol, it does not affect the original flavor, aroma, and color of the liquor.

The patented vegetable-origin probiotics of Well-being LS company are extracted from soybean fermented foods in a vegetable medium. Compared to animal lactobacillus, the survival rate is over 1,000 times higher than that of general animal-origin probiotics. Even after 120 minutes of incubation, which tests gastrointestinal transit time (pH 2.0) (result of acid resistance test at the Biotechnology Institute of well-being LS), the test results showed its potent effectiveness. Well-being LS’s patented vegetable-origin probiotics will improve your intestinal health.
The vegetable-origin probiotics products were developed in the Well-being LS research institute, which is recognized by the Korea Industrial Technology and Promotion Association. They are also manufactured in hygienic facilities according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Sool-Ae-Ta-U per bottle can be taken conveniently by adding one sachet to a bottle of liquor and shaking it at a party or a gathering. Sool-Ae-Ta-U helps to relieve bowel trouble as well as hangovers.
Well-being LS Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, production and sales of vegetable-origin probiotics derived from grains fermented foods, researching and developing not only probiotic products but also fermented products using them.
The product range comprises probiotics for its health enhancement features, probiotics fermented grain fermentation products, fermented ingredients based ‘Veauty-Lac 6-day Diet Program,’ fermented organic food ‘Energy Balance,’ and highly functional probiotics and biogenic from probiotics fermentation, and other fermented foods.

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