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June 14, 2019

Hanjin Paint is made from exposed and non-exposed waterproof material based on polyurethane resin that forms a waterproof layer with filled paint film by using special properties of urethane, thus enabling a simple construction.
Hanjin Paint and Resin are water-soluble paints with no danger of the users being poisoned by organic solvents or fire. This quick-drying paint has high productivity for being a preheating coating type at 10 to 80˚C.
Hanjin Paint Resin improves the working environment and the atmospheric environment by using dimethyl carbonate, n-propyl actetae and aliphatic hydrocarbons for alkyd-modified acrylic resins, instead of BTX solvents.

HPE Series are two-pack waterborne epoxy curing agent paints for floor primer and top and steel primer coatings, and the coating film exhibits excellent performance in adhesion, mechanical properties, chemical resistance, water resistance and salt water resistance.
HWE Series are waterborne epoxy dispersion resins with excellent dispersion stability. HWE Series are designed for a variety of coating applications such as floor coatings, industrial maintenance, etc.
Hanjin Adhesive is made by using the production process technology that can control acrylonitrile monomer constantly and control sudden reaction so that stable acrylic polymerization can be carried out at low temperature without congestion reaction.
Hanjin Chemical specializes in the development and production of paints and resins. Since its establishment in 2011, Hanjin Chemical has devoted itself to developing and manufacturing paint, resin for paints, and adhesive products through continuous challenges and innovations. The company has grown to be a partner of major domestic paint manufacturers such as KCC, PPG, JOTUN, Noru Paint, and Byucksan Paint & Coatings. Since 2016, Hanjin Chemical has developed and supplied ODM of smartphones for AK Chemtech, generating KRW 10.1 billion in revenue in 2018, up 31.2% over the past five years.
In addition, as a result of continuous efforts toward mutual information exchange and mutual partnership with other companies, it has received an award certificate by the Minister of Trade and Industry and the Ulsan city mayor. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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