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June 18, 2019

The gold-plated tableware made by the legendary Korean craftsman, Bae Myung Jik (Surface treatment No. 1) in Korea, is sold under the trademark “Gold Meister Bae Myeungjik.” These products are plated with 99.9% pure gold, and a specific process is carried out in order to adhere gold, so that the products can show the texture of pure gold. Gold Meister Bae Myeungjik is made by using three kinds of basic materials. The stainless glasses and dishes are made with a double layer, making it thermal, while its surface is not easily heated. Bangjja

Brassware plated with pure gold has been designed to solve the problems of discoloring. There also bronze statues plated with gold in friendly forms such as bulls, dragons, pigs, horses, and so forth.
Gold Meister Bae Myeungjik is a hygienic, environmentally friendly product harmless to human body and free from discoloration. In addition, it never rusts and has excellent abrasion resistance, and is resistant to corrosion while it can

be boiled, guaranteeing a happy well-being table.
The stylish tableware is equipped with three-dimensional designs, and the blade is hygienic as it does not touch the surface of the table. Guyang Metal Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 as a corporation and has 23 years of surface treatment history, and has acquired certifications such as AS9100C, ISO1400 (Environment), and ISO9001 (Quality), and has been selected as Innovation INNO-BIZ Company, Prospective SME, etc. Since 2008, the company has developed well-

being kitchenware such as pure gold plated tableware under the brand name of Gold Meister, introducing various well-being kitchenware and craftware.
Packed beautifully, these products are highly effective for promotions and gifts. Guyang Metal Industry has a large number of distributors and retailers nationwide. Recently, it has developed Korean-style tableware such as golden knives, wave scissors and tableware made of lacquered metal. All of its products have been certified by the legendary Korean craftsman, Bae Myung Jik (Surface treatment No. 1) in Korea. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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