Travel Storage Bag

The new storage bags manufactured by Bags In Bag Co., Ltd. are convenient to find one’s belongings and to manage clothes easily when traveling with its front made of special waterproof fabric and the back made of mesh for excellent ventilation.
The exceptional waterproof fabric of this product protects one’s belongings safely from odors and moisture in any situation such as

travel, and one can rest assured that it does not easily get wet even when in contact with water. Using lightweight and thin 100% nylon and poly, it is easy to utilize space effectively.
The zipper slider made to fit various product colors matches the simple designs of the product. Coming in various colors and sizes for kids, honeymoon, business, etc., it offers diverse choices with a variety of product sets to suit the

individual travel pattern and style.
Made from lightweight materials and special waterproof fabrics, Bags In Bag’s new storage bags features elaborate pastel colors and simple designs. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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