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June 26, 2019


JEONG NA NUM SuRichwitteok, made with a plant rich in fiber, called “a kind of marsh plant,” is separately packaged in 35g packs by using natural freezing technology in order to supplement short shelf life of existing room temperature products. It can be eaten simply by naturally defrosting it for about one hour, without heating or extra cooking. It is popular among both male and female consumers. Consisting of Injeolmi, Chapsaltteok (both glutinous rice cakes) and Yeongyangtteok (nutritious rice cake), JEONG NA NUM SuRichwitteok is sold as a gift set and a stand-alone product.

JEONG NA NUM SuRichwitteok started operating the mill in 2006 and moved to the present location of Jeongseon, Republic of Korea by establishing an 80-pyeong factory in 2011. In a HACCP-certified facility, the company produces JEONG NA NUM SuRichwitteok as its main items. It is committed to systematic and thorough management and supervision to ensure hygiene and cleanliness and to provide customers with safe food.

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