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July 18, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1907E03] Theunify Co., Ltd. recently made public its plan to unveil its recently manufactured smart IoT wallet – with a shape of name tag and a function of loss-prevention – at the upcoming ninth Korea Smart Device Trade Show (KITAS 2019).
The company’s recently released wallet called Where Were, connected to smartphones, adds the functions of locating each other at some extent of distance, or of finding the location where a loss or robbery took place through the maps of the smartphone app.
While the existing loss-prevention products were difficult to develop

into an all-in-one product with wallet and miscellaneous goods because of problems with the battery charge, the Where Were product family produced by Theunify overcame this issue as it can be charged with a common smartphone wireless charger. About two hours of charging enables the product to be used for up to six months.
Also, it complements the existing similar products’ weakness by adding a strong function that enables 80 decibels of alarm to be sounded in the event of its loss or theft.

Users can confirm the location where the loss and robbery took place through a smartphone’s app’s map regardless of location anywhere in the world. Users can find the missing smartphones by pressing the power button two times consecutively. It supports an alarm function in the smartphones when users are in the proximity of the targeted things that users are about to take out including luggage in the air terminal. Users can conveniently charge it by using a wireless charger used for charging of smartphones.

If users set it to the silent mode in a special place including library, conference room, etc., the product and smartphone are operated in silence.
Theunify built an exclusive team for export support in New York, London, and Sydney through participation in KOTRA’s overseas branch office project, and thus actively pioneering overseas markets and sourcing of overseas buyers. Starting with KITAS 2019, Theunify plans to initiate marketing domestically for those who want to travel overseas.

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