Edible Mouthwash


[INQ. NO. 1907C11] Cleaning Time is a powdered mouthwash with excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects for the mouth and throat. The tests conducted by the Seoul National University Dental Hospital showed it has nearly 90% antibacterial effect on seven kinds of tooth decay and periodontal disease-causing bacteria. It is also effective for reducing up to 98% of trimethylamine and methyl mercaptan gas that cause bad breath.
Made from natural food ingredients, it is edible and can be used not only in the bathroom but anywhere. Its ingredients include Xylitol, balloon flower, quince, mint, lemon, green tea, propolis, and enzyme salt.

The antimicrobial effect of Cleaning Time has been proved in tests on 13 oral bacteria causing cavity and gum disease and bad breath.

Established in 2015, BAREUN Co., Ltd. has been engaged in R&D of medicine-substituting products that are beneficial to the human body and free of side effects using natural ingredients based on “Finding the Answer in Nature.”

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