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July 29, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1907E15] HUBGRIP Inc. is a company that manufactures high-quality mobile accessories. Now it has various materials for injection molding products such as cases, rings, cables, auxiliary batteries, etc. With its own production facilities, this maker is capable of meeting the variable market demands in quantity.
Thanks to many years of accumulated printing know-how, this company ensures superior-quality products. It strives to develop newer products with aims to advancing into additional potential global markets.

HUBGRIP mainly produces licensed well-known character products. This company ensures quality of its products in terms of exact color sense, inspection process, etc., making sure the users trust its products.

Hubgrip (Patented product)
This is a high-quality mobile accessory. It gives a perfect feeling of grip so that the user can freely use the functions of texting, calling, and selfies. The user can carry it stably. It also has the kickstand ability so it will hold your phone up when you are watching a movie or chatting with a friend. It can be compatible with various smart devices including smartphones.

It has a 360 degree rotation function, allowing enviable hands-free comfort use of your phone from any angle. With its unique design, you can stick any point of the phone case according to your needs. This non-slip product allows the user to use it safely. And its own kickstand ability also allows the user to use it more practically.

Clear Case
This uses TPU, a jelly-like soft material, and thus giving complete protection function and soft feeling of touch. This soft and flexible case is made from shock-absorbing TPU which features the original phone design.

AirPod Case
This is made from TPU so it has anti-shock and anti-scratch capabilities. With its 2mm thickness, it gives the users an outstanding feeling of grip. The coated inner part of the upper tap in order to prevent the happening of slip, the occurrence of slip is actually prevented. Thus, it blocks the happfening of the loss of AirPod. This can be injected by UV printing and PVC tri-dimensionality. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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