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August 22, 2019

Enjoying marine leisure activities often requires walking on sharp rocks or pebbles, diving or swimming depending on the situation. Conventional aqua shoes are not effective when worn in the water by usually impairing thrust compared to barefoot swimming, thus slowing down activities. On the other hand, flippers with webbing attached to them are highly effective in moving in the water. When worn out of the water, however, they cause discomfort and unnaturalness while walking.

Aqualander-Zen, the world’s first amphibious shoes, have been designed to compensate for the problems that can occur due to the limitations of the human foot in situations while enjoying marine leisure and to provide the most similar feeling to barefoot walking.

Aqualander-Zen is a product with a hydrodynamic shape equipped with flippers that enhances the propulsion power in the water. Being perfectly useful in the water, the flippers have the optimum angle to touch the ground so that they do not interfere with the activity such as walking outside the water, which is the most important key feature of this product. In addition, the nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR), the main raw material of the product, protects the feet from gravel and marine creatures such as jellyfish, providing excellent non-slip effects. This material contains no chemical substances harmful to the human body, thus protecting one’s health as well as the skin.

GTS Global Co., Ltd. has been engaged in research and development of functional shoes that can keep human feet comfortable and healthier. In 2013, the company introduced the functional aqua shoes Aqualander-Zen and has since been pioneering Korean and global markets.
Having recently launched a sports brand Ballop, GTS Global is expanding its business to functional sports apparel and accessories, mainly in addition to functional shoes, while exporting to about 15 countries worldwide. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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