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Ryan’s Math Adventure is an elementary math study comic book created for elementary school students. This book captures the concepts of mathematics and portrays it in a fantasy storyline that all children can enjoy and learn math concepts naturally as they read. This story follows the adventures of Ryan as he travels around the fantasy world of Mass, where math has been erased. This storyline creates and stimulates children’s curiosity in mathematics. Each character in the series represents a mathematical field of study, such as, figures and measurements, thus enhancing the mathematical

competence of the students as they watch the characters develop as they read the series. In the back of the book, a workbook is included so students can review and practice what they have learned earlier in the story as well.
Unlike other conventional educational cartoons, ‘Ryan’s Math Adventure,’ is based on a global curriculum that an analyzes the elementary mathematic curriculum from Korea, USA, China, and Japan. All content that was used in making the book was verified by teachers from all 4 countries to maximize the quality of the series. Our global curriculum includes all the mathematical concepts that are used in each country and these concepts were analyzed and have been modularized with highly detailed knowledge in order to analyze any potential weaknesses. This way, students can learn all the math concepts in a detail manner, without missing any parts.

Since 2003, WeDu Communications has been producing advanced educational contents, such as digital textbooks for schools in Korea. They have also been recognized by the Minster of Education and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as they move forward as one of the leading enterprises of Edutech in Korea.
Recently, they are working on moving their series, ‘Ryan’s Math Adventure,’ into different global markets, by providing the series in different languages such as English and Chinese. Also, currently under beta testing is there customized learning service, OLL/KIDS MATH. This service is based on artificial intelligence. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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