Nail Shiner & Foot File

Nailit is a unique nail care item, and a beauty tool that can keep the nails healthy with simple and convenient use. Made of glass material, it is clean and can be used semi-permanently.
Made of pure glass, the foot file Yourb is a beautiful S-shaped beauty care and sanitary product. By using patented precision glass etching technology to realize a special pattern structure in glass material and finish with epoxy coating, it makes rough and cracked heels smooth. The rich moisturizing power of shea butter and coconut oil penetrate

the skin and keep the feet hydrated and healthy. By applying direct etching techniques to glass material instead of attaching ink or film to it, it can be used semi-permanently as long as there is no damage to the glass itself.
NS001 has a large surface area and a grip with sense of stability for comfort with moderate strength (in200) and wide surface, suitable for those with large hands and nails.
NS002 features two different types of filing strength to enhance the performance of practical use. It is suitable for those with weak, thin fingernails.
Founded in 2016, NUSILICA Corp. manufactures various kinds of glassware by using a patented technology. It operates its own factory equipped with various equipment required for glass etching. All of its products, consisting of a variety of product lines, are manufactured in Korea. NUSILICA also provides ODM and OEM services. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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