Premium Handmade Soaps

The demand for eco-friendly products is increasing as a growing number of people are suffering from skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, and atopy.
Cooing Soap homemade soap has proven its quality through the use of proven-quality raw materials. Compared to existing small handmade soap makers, this product is made using a systematically established production process system to produce cost-effective and high-quality products by reducing the cost and time required for production costs.

Cooing Soap, a handmade soap produced by NS Co., Ltd., contains high-quality raw materials such as sea bird hopped and rusks.
Toy Cooing Soap is a product for children that is made of natural powder, containing toys in soap, while the 99.9% Gold Cooing Soap made by blending natural powder is composed of four lines.
NS Co., Ltd. was awarded by the Minister of Small and Medium-sized Venture Business in 2017 for contributing to the improvement of people’s living environment by achieving a

sales growth rate of 62% in 16 years, compared to 15 years through continuous technology development for supplying harmless human life goods. In addition, the company has been designated as a Technology Credit Bureau (TCB) firm and its handmade soap brand Cooing Soap obtained 31 KC certificates from the Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL).
Under the motto of “3 Nos-No Synthetic Surfactants, No Reinforcing Agents, and No Preservatives, “ the company strives to meet the needs of modern people who are sensitive to chemical ingredients, with its products with excellent skin improvement effects.
NS Co., Ltd. strives for a greater tomorrow in order to become a leading enterprise in the 4th industrial revolution by taking a step forward and keeping pace with the rapidly changing world market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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