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August 28, 2019


Uni Laser Flex is a thermal transfer film that can be used in laser printers. Consisting of two sheets of paper, this product does not require cutting and weeding processes.
In case of one color implementation, a set of foil and glue papers allows the printed design to be transferred to the foil using a heat press, and the design is pressed back onto the fabric with the transferred foil. A variety of designs on foils with a thin layer of 100 micron attached to the fabric is rich and luxurious.
For full color implementation, first, the desired design is printed on

the clear with a white toner laser printer, then the glue paper is transferred to the printed image with various colors using a heat press. Finally the clear to which the glue is pressed back on the fabric.
Unlike other foils available only for solid color designs, Uni Laser Flex can create many different colors. Moreover, the use of white toner allows designs of various colors with clarity.
The most attractive feature of this product is that it is easy to implement complex and delicate designs through laser printer printing, which is limited in conventional cutting films. In addition, it has excellent washing power, preventing texts and pictures from peeling off or fading even after washing up to 40 times.
Chamelon is a new heat transfer vinyl (HTV) that can create different colors depending on the angle of viewing. It is easy to cut and weed,

allowing for a new dimension of expression using special materials. A richer color implementation is possible for fabrics rather than using monochrome films. Seen as a different color depending on the angle of light and the cloth attached, it brings a rainbow effect to the material, giving brightly colored clothing a more transparent and clear appearance, while showing completely different colors on fabric in a dark color.
Unitrade Co., Ltd. is a leader in the steadily growing thermal transfer film market and currently exports to over 30 countries. It produces a variety of products ranging from basic products to original products. Its products are also available via Amazon.

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