KOIA supports participation in overseas exhibitions and exploration of new markets


The Korea Outdoor & Sports Industry Association (KOIA), founded in 2013, contributes to the long-term development of Korea’s sports & outdoor industry as well as advancement of the national economy. The members of KOIA are visionary sports & outdoor industry professionals who realized that “sports & outdoor lifestyle” could be much more than a passing consumer trend.
The categories of sports & outdoor industry, with which KOIA is concerned, include sports & outdoor garments and accessories such as bags, shoes and sports goods, outdoor equipment, camping

products and high-functional textiles.
KOIA supports the growth and success of the Korea sports & outdoor industry through participating in overseas exhibitions, providing the latest sports & outdoor trends and technologies, hosting forum and seminars and offering education programs.

Moreover, KOIA aims to be the leading association and voice of the sports & outdoor industry including manufacturers, distributors, retailers and brands in the active and sports & outdoor lifestyle.
In September, KOIA is supporting participation in overseas exhibitions and exploration of new markets in Germany. Bicycles and related products of eight companies in Korea are displayed in EUROBIKE,
the undisputed leading global trade show for the bike business. The EUROBIKE not only provides ground-breaking innovations celebrating premiere appearances, but also continually generates additional benefits for the industry and retailers, achieving a balancing act between trade shows and think tanks.

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