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[INQ. NO. 1909C05] NUPER starts with interest in Korean history and culture and expresses such interest via clothing, intending to express and analyze various meaningful stories, history, novels, and Oriental materials reflecting the diverse histories of Korean culture by through clothing. Every season, it selects one of the themes of Korean culture, discover the relevant theme, and design and introduce such themes through the apparel.
In the 2019 SS product, with “The Cloud Dream of the Nine” which is

a Korean classic novel written by Kim Man-jung as the concept, it intended to express the confusion of the dreams and realities felt by the characters in the novel with embroidering, etc.
NUPER, established in 2017, is a casual clothing brand based on the concept of Korean culture. NU in “NUPER” is the derivative of NEW meaning new and “NU” which is the abbreviation of “NUREOTDA,” which refers to a yellow color which has changed over time. “PER” is a derivative of “person.” Thus, NUPER is a compound word of NU and PER, which means the person seeking for newness or pleasure through the history discovered in worn-out literary monuments or antique books. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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