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[INQ. NO. 1909C03] Goodnight Dave is a professional pajamas company, concentrating on making pajamas with differentiated materials and design for the sake of one-person households and newly-married couples who are satisfied with wearing pajamas. Designed for both men and women and good for using as pajamas for couples, its products are mainly purchased for honeymoon or as a gift.
The design is differentiated by emphasizing masculine and feminine

beauty by the width and angle of the collar, and cute characters of Dave (male) and Daisy (female) are hidden on the back of the main label.
The products are made with carefully selected cotton with less skin irritation as the fabric, and organic fabric for many products. In addition, for the sake of convenience

in the customers’ daily lives, they are designed considering even the detailed convenience items like pocket and waist band including the size.
Goodnight Dave is a pajamas brand launched in 2018 and recently its products have been provided for getting aired on various entertainment programs and dramas. Goodnight Dave is also continuously carrying out B2B biz for delivering the products to big companies as well as B2C of pajamas. Based on the experience from B2B, it is continuously inventing new ways of improving product quality. The company plans to launch its second pajamas collection in August 2019. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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