Women’s Fashion Clothing


[INQ. NO. 1909C02] Exyai.w has developed mainly simple and feminine designs like the theme copy of the brand, but spices up somewhat trite designs with bold detailing.
2019 S/S products have also spiced up the simple designs with detailing and completed the daily look that was not uncomfortable with relaxed silhouette and material. In addition, following the previous season, its products also feature diversity displaying the casual line as well as the women’s line.
Exyai.w was launched in 2017 as a women’s designer clothing brand.

Starting with the 17 F/W season with the basic concept of Minimal & Feminine, it is now developing the fifth season. From 2019 S/S season, the company has been holding fashion shows as a part of marketing and, 2019 F/W it has been selected as the designer of Generation Next of Seoul Fashion Week, thereby making a debut at the Seoul Fashion Week for the first time.

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