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September 11, 2019

INQ. NO. 1909C22] IECO Block is an environmentally friendly interior finishing material that makes the space healthy and beautiful with eco-friendly features and convenient functions.
First, IECO Block helps to maintain a pleasant and healthy environment via its humidity control function, absorbing moisture when the humidity is high through the micro pores on the surface and releasing moisture when the humidity is low, thus maintaining the proper humidity in the space. It also improves environments in which mildew and ticks are produced in high temperature and humidity.

Second, it adsorbs harmful substances such as volatile organic compounds in the space, decomposes and cleans itself, and makes the space healthy. This product received the Korea Health Industry Award (Environmental Disease Prevention Section) in 2017 for the first time in the building materials industry and proved its functionality.

Third, it removes odor by adsorbing the odor component in the space. Lastly, the natural essence is used to relieve stress, improve immunity, and to block access, rather than killing mosquitoes. In addition, it has acquired A1 grade fire resistance, which is as high as any nonflammable materials in grade 1, and it releases very little radioactive substance such as radon that has recently become an issue.
IECO Block is equipped with an improved durability and mechanical properties (about five times higher compared to existing functional materials) by fusing carbon fiber, a new material, and improved living convenience. It is a product that can be used for the facilities for children, offices where people spend most of their time, welfare facilities, hospitals. and hotels.
INECO Inc. was founded in 2014 as a functional eco-friendly building material company and has developed functional eco-friendly interior finishing materials to purify various harmful substances generated in indoor space and seeks to provide healthy and beautiful living environments by using only natural raw materials.
INECO Inc. specializes in producing functional, eco-friendly building materials that improve the environment of indoor space, using only natural materials containing no chemical substances harmful to the human body. With its functionality certified through various tests, its products have been widely promoted via AMC, an American TV channel, from February 2019 as well as in other countries. INECO is currently preparing to export its products to the USA, Germany, Vietnam, and Japan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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