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September 19, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1909C34] Organic Lion’s Mane Blossom is a premium healthy tea that is uniquely blended with organic Lion’s mane mushrooms produced in Korea. Delicate sweet taste mixed with mild and nutty flavor and tangerine scent is the feature of the tea. The subtle ginger scent you feel after sipping it leaves a delicate aftertaste.
Organic Reishi Reboot is a premium healthy tea that is uniquely blended with organic Reishi mushrooms produced in Korea. The tea water has a bright yellow color brewed out of unique substances of Reishi mushrooms. The warm scent mixed with subtle chocolate flavor, which you feel in the mouth, and spices will add delicateness to the soft and sweet aftertaste.

Organic Linteus Imperial Defense uses organic Phellinus Linteus grown in Korea as the main ingredient. As for Linteus Imperial Defense, the soft taste gently mixed with nutty fried-cereal scent is the feature. The vivid gold color of the tea water is natural, coming out of unique substances of Phellinus Linteus.
Organic Shiitake Relief is a premium healthy tea that is uniquely blended with organic shiitake mushrooms grown in Korea. The tea of Shiitake Relief is made with the idea of taking an afternoon rest in a tranquil winter forest. The mild taste mixed with nutty scent and cinnamon’s warmth is the feature of the tea.
Organic Lumina Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder is a fine powder made out of early-harvested organic Lion’s made mushroom fruiting bodies grown in Korea and has the feature of a delicate sweet taste. More efficient substances will be taken in with just one spoon of Lumina Powder than consuming raw Lion’s mane mushrooms.
Solum Biotech specializes in producing lifestyle commodities made from medicinal mushrooms such as Phellinus Linteus mushroom, Reishi (Lingzhi) mushroom, and Lion’s Mane mushroom based on over 30 years of mushroom cultivation experience inherited from family mushroom farm history. Equipped with ISO 22000:2005 certified manufacturing facility and government certified organic food production line, the company is devoted to the development of fine products in partnership with a local university and R&D center.

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