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September 23, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1909C41] MRD® is designed for customers who enjoy any leisure and daily activities, as it stays fresh and dry for long thanks to the innovative patented technology applied to it. It allows one to enjoy activities like day and night skiing, snowboarding, playing an 18-hole round of golf, cycling, running, fishing, camping or going for a day expedition without the jacket becoming soaked from sweat and outside dampness in any weather changes. It dries four to eight times faster while retaining warmth up to 95%.
The eco-friendly MRD® patented technology incorporates DWR

hydrophobic Nano-coating methods, using non-toxic PFCs free C zero-based water repellent, and combining the ultra-thin Microporous coating mechanism. It creates the most effective fabric permeability, resulting in longer durability with stain and water repellency and is lightweight without additional laminated membrane for breathability. With enhanced wind-proof, cold-proof, properties, MRD® products are hypoallergenic and down-proof and free of the foul odor of down because of the anti-microbial effect of water-resistant treated down.
MRD® products maintain their sustainability for 17 hours (1,000min) after five to ten washes. This means a product lifespan for hiking to an elevation of over 2,000 meters without getting worried about having a wet jacket
It is made using no hazardous chemicals such as carcinogenic harmful PFCs or allergens, and it also saves energy and water resources from manufacturing to the maintenance of MRD products. This Non-toxic Jacket contains bluesign accredited materials, and the main fabric has been certified to be free from 13 types of PFCs and related compounds through tests by the UL International Limited in Hong Kong.

Delights & Global Co., Ltd. is a promotion company that merchandises specialized MRD products through Innovative Patent Technology. It also provides OEM services at buyers’ requests, helping to upgrade signature items without losing value and identity with specialized MRD®. Its aim is to protect the environment and promote healthy apparel for present and future generations. As a pioneer of eco- friendly down apparel, the company aims to develop the most environmentally friendly products in the fashion industry market. It pursues the development of highly functional and eco-friendly down products for the sake of the safety and wellbeing of families and the next generation rather than just seeking profits. For the first time as an apparel brand, Delights & Global has won the Korea Green Product Award as Consumers Choice in 2018 and 2019. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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