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September 23, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1909C39] As the existing mops are like a soaking-wet rag, they are more like watering the floor rather than cleaning. Thus, the floor should be wiped again with a dry cloth.
MamiSsak Spray Mop is a new concept mop that can spray water only on necessary places in order to reduce such inconvenience. Being developed into a European design with the handle and the water can combined, MamiSsak Spray Mop with an embedded water can that needs not to be detached enables you to clean even under furniture or in crevices as it does not have an external water can.

In addition, the DSR pad is double woven using raw materials with different characteristics to be used to remove dust stuck in crevices of the bed, the wardrobe and other furniture when it stays dry or to get rid of stains on the floor or the wall after adding some water on it.
The dust-cleaning microfiber pad is designed in a way that ultimately utilizes the merit of microfibers to help you more efficiently clean dust and dried substances.
DAHMMI IND Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing cleaning clothes for ultrafine microfiber for 30 years. It recently introduced a new household cleaner with janitorial professional microfiber cleaning cloth and mop systems equipped with an aluminum plat with Velcro-type mop refill pad. DAHMMI IND exports industrial cleaners to global markets while continuing the R&D of products with superior quality and acquire new technologies to maintain the leading position in the cleaning product market.

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