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September 27, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1909C51] Derma Tera Essence is made by using a patented composition based on carefully selected natural extracts as active ingredients such as edelweiss, oleander, and masterwort, rare ingredients indigenous to the Swiss Alps, for soft and elastic skin.
The Glycoflavonoids contained in edelweiss soothe and protect the skin, while sesquiderpen and azulene in western tomple extracts help to soothe atopy and redness, and masterwort leaf extracts provide anti-aging effects.
The three major moisturizing ingredients – hyaluronic acid, glycerin,

and dipotassium glyceride, contain moisture content 6,000 times higher than the general moisture factor. In particular, hyaluronic acid, having the best moisture retention, absorbs the surrounding moisture to form moisture films on the skin for a long time.
Alpha Bio 24H System is a technology to combine the natural ingredients cultivated in the high mountains of Switzerland. Due to the extreme environmental properties of plants including temperature and humidity, the active ingredients extracted from seeds maximize the compatibility of the product with the skin and activity of cosmetics. L
andyou was founded based on many years of accumulated expertise through providing various cosmetics to the beauty and aesthetic industry. It has launched its own brand NATUREAPPARENCE in 2014. The company has grown remarkably based on its own skincare shop and professional esthetic institute. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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