Fire Extinguishing Spray Tool

[INQ. NO. 1909C49] Existing fire extinguishers require replacement, inspection, and recharge at least once a year, and have economical disadvantages such as consuming excessive extinguishing chemicals in one use, harming the surrounding environment, and the inconvenience of having to pull out the safety pin.
The fire extinguishing spray tool produced by Nara Systems Co., Ltd. complements such weaknesses of existing fire extinguishers, and

is safe at temperatures ranging from -30 to 80 degrees C. With the fire extinguishing agent of its products that is not hardened, this product is safe for use in automobiles with a validity period of eight years.
It is a breakthrough product for public service that is easy and convenient to use even for the elderly, women, and the disabled. It can be used in automobiles, kitchens, dining rooms, hotels, schools, hospitals, banks, for mountain climbing, camping, and as a gift and promotional item as well.
In 1998, Nara Systems Co., Ltd. has introduced a light, easy-to-use portable fire extinguisher made by using no chemicals or safety pins, which can be used even by children, the elderly, women and the disabled.

The company was awarded the $2 million Export Tower to Japan, $1 million Export Tower in the 41st Trade Day Festival ceremony and Prime Minister’s Commendation, Republic of Korea and the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition, followed by the Award from Industry Resources Minister. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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