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September 30, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1909C53] Assez Natural Phyton-herbal dishwasher is a biodegradable dishwashing detergent that works great for hand washing of dishes since it is mild to the human skin and leaves no harmful materials and unpleasant scents behind. It removes greasy oil from dishes with a satisfactory foam volume and makes dishes shiny clean with no debris. This eco-friendly detergent is enriched with plant-based ingredients that are not harmful to the environment and keeps the hands noticeably smoother than conventional dishwashing detergent formulas. Even for the fragrance, plant-derived essential oils were used and therefore it contains no toxic perfume.
CPNP certified Assez has incorporated high-quality aroma oils like natural lavender and peppermint oil into natural shampoo to calm the skin and hair. It performs best when massaged throughout the skin. This herb-scented shampoo lathers well without SLS and removes damaged dandruff, seborrhea, and dead skin from the body.
Assez natural all-in-one hair and body shampoo help to keep the scalp unclogged and restores a healthy balance. Vitalizing plant active ingredients of natural moisturizing factors protect the skin and ensure gloss and elasticity for both hair and skin.

Assez Natural Phyton-Herbal Hair & Body Shampoo
By using natural raw materials certified by European environment-friendly bodies., this product is safer and skin-friendly and widely used for mothers and infants, while it can be used regardless of skin type. In particular, this all-in-one type product can be used for both hair and body, saving space and cost. Assez Natural Phyton-Herbal Hair and Body Shampoo acquired a European cosmetics certification.

Assez Natural Phyton-Herbal DishWash
Containing natural coconut oil and natural orange ingredients, this product is beneficial for the skin and natural environment. It contains ingredients used in natural orange juice, more than 50% of which are eco-friendly products using Eco-Cert ingredients.
It has been confirmed to have little impact on the environment via an organic biodegradation test and passed the Blue Angels cleaning test.
FINEKOREA CORPORATION produces eco-friendly products using natural raw materials. It uses raw materials unharmful to the human body without causing environmental pollution. Having European cosmetic certifications, the company is in the process of acquiring Eco-Cert and BlueAngel. It is exported worldwide including Spain, Germany, Singapore, and Vietnam.
In addition, the kitchen detergents of FINEKOREA have been certified by Eco-Cert and obtained the Blue Angel eco-label by the German Federal Environment Ministry. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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