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[INQ. NO. 1910C27] Bandivita – Vitamin Bracelet is the only product in Korea that incorporates microcurrent technology, holding five domestic patents. It is a band product with microcurrent cells that emit semi-permanent emissions without charge or replacement of bioelectric similar microcurrents.
Microcurrents similar to bioelectricity are released semi-permanently from micro-current cells attached to products without having to charge or replace them to supply micro-currents to wearable parts. The band is made of silver-nano silicon, so it is harmless to the

human body and feels very comfortable to wear. It is a product that keeps the body healthy and cool by supplying micro-electric current to the body at the same time by simply wearing it.
Bandi is not a mass production of cast or press, but a product of Korea made by cutting aluminum through a CNC machine one by one and undergoing 23 different processes. The Bandi is equipped with microcurrent cells made with Korea’s original patented technology.
GI Corporation has acquired the world’s first technology to manufacture micro-current cells using natural minerals. It is a company that strives to improve human health through commercialization. It has acquired five domestic patents related to micro-current manufacturing. GI Corporation supplies the Bandi brand and manufactures/distributes products that incorporate related technologies. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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