[INQ. NO. 1910C28] JYChef’s cauldrons and pots are Korea’s first

patented products that can be cooked on every type of heating apparatus. Using ceramic coating, it prevents food from burning or sticking, featuring the convenience of washing dishes and a variety of sizes. The frying pans are equipped with embossed honeycomb on the floor that enhances non-stick function and the air hole function makes cooking faster and easier to manage. It features excellent thermal conductivity and heat retention.

The fired grilling oven can be used in camping areas (outdoors) and homes (indoors). The patented multi-product can cook soup and grilled dishes at the same time.
JYChef was established in 2016 and it manufactures and sells kitchenware. Currently, it participates in many overseas exhibitions every year to promote its products, and through this, the company is actively selling products not only at home but also abroad. As a result, domestic sales and exports are on the rise. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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