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October 21, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1910C33] MANDOO Clutch Bag is a unique handmade clutch bag made in the shape of Korean dumplings, one of the most popular K-foods. It is a simple, compact and sophisticated fashion accessory made with unique textile weaving technique.
Unlike existing plain textile, this 3D type forming woven fabric features distinctive and artistic texture due to the unwinding, crumpling, and stitching of many colored threads. In addition, these colored threads are connected and mixed naturally to reveal abstract aesthetic beauty.
MANDOO has charms of accessories rather than functionality and

appeals to fashionistas who want to showcase their own eccentric style. As it utilizes 2,000 kinds of colored threads, various color spreading, customized coloring and even limited editions are available. Embedding magnets in both sides of the textile allows very simple switching and simple type. It is washable without any deformation or discoloration.
The Forming Textile Clutch Bag by Design Meem is a sophisticated distinctive handmade clutch bag made of matchless textile weaving.
Unlike existing plain textile, it is a seamless integral forming woven fabric with artistic texture by unwinding, crumpling, and stitching many colored threads. In addition, these colored threads are connected and mixed naturally to show abstract beauty. By applying preposterous parallelogram to its shape, it appeals to fashionistas who want to show their own eccentric style. It is washable without any deformation or discoloration.

Design Meem started as an atelier for textile artists and has been developed as a sound manufacturing company. Its main brand is CCU and the company textures fabrics itself with a globally unique method and completes fashion bags and home decoration products. The textile used in CCU is called forming textile produced with plain and patented 3D weaving methods utilizing 2,000 kinds of colored threads.
CCU opened shops in Musee des Arts Decoratifs de Paris gallery shop in France, as well as Sarangchae’ of the Korean President’s Blue House and Hansoo of Design House, National Museum of Korea Gift shop, SangSangMaDaing, and Shinsegae duty-free shop in Korea. Also it was selected as one of the Hallyu (Korean wave) products and exhibited at the Global Hallyu Festival, KCON France and Japan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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