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October 22, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1910C35] LEGMOA, a patented beauty and healthcare leg line caring device, is the world’s first portable pressurized leg straightener that helps to hold curved leg lines, maintains correct posture, improves the waist and pelvic health, and boosts blood circulation.
Easy to carry and simple to wear, LEGMOA can be worn at home, in the office, school, public transportation, and even in the living room while sitting on a sofa, a chair, or a bed during any spare time in one’s daily life. LEGMOA, patented for the first time in the country, is a

leg compressing product with easy strength control. This is helpful especially for persons who want beautiful legs or correct posture, who have waist pain, poor blood circulation, weak concentration, awkward walk, who worry about belly fat, or those who have a twisted pelvis due to the habit of shaking legs, spreading legs, or crossing legs.
Various age groups from teenagers in their growth period to seniors in their 80s can use it without gender distinction. It is headphone type instead of belt type, and one can put one’s legs, turn the handle and tighten the leg to remedy bowed legs. When a student or an office worker wears it while sitting on a chair, it prevents him or her from crossing the legs, so it is very good for ensuring good posture without twisting the waist and pelvis.
LEGMOA Compact is a mobile leg appliance. It helps gather the legs easily and allows posture and body type correction. Its size is small and simple to carry in a bag or pocket and use often in one’s daily life in order to maintain good posture and manage one’s health anytime anywhere.

When crossing one’s legs or slouching while sitting on a chair for a long time, it corrects posture, straightens the spine, prevents twisted pelvis, improves blood circulation, and makes the waist, neck, and spine healthy.
In 2015, LEGMOA was selected as the best product by HIT500 by the Korean government and a contract was signed for sole distributorship of FEP in Japan. Currently, it is sold online in 25 countries.

LEGMOA has been researching, developing and producing patented inventions since 1976. It has developed myriad patented items, in pursuit of producing portable leg straighteners for the first time in the world.

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