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October 22, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1910C36] Monee Cap was developed to solve mothers’ worries when they give a beverage in a plastic bottle to their children, especially in a car or outdoors without a straw cup. Just fitting this product to any commercial plastic bottle makes a bottle leak preventive cup. It is compatible with most types of plastic bottles. It is small and easy to carry and wash, so one can use it conveniently even when outdoors. In addition, children can practice drinking beverages by themselves. Suitable not just for children but even for adults, it can be used conveniently in a situation where it is easy to spill during driving or engaging in leisure activities. Because Monee cap is a semi-permanent product, it reduces the use of disposable plastic straws and is thus environmentally friendly

Monee’s mischief-preventive absorption food tray is designed for children to eat foods easily by themselves. The side of this food tray is rounded for children who are clumsy to use a spoon to scoop the foods naturally and avoid spilling the foods. Also, the bottom holds rice and soup inclined so that remained foods are gathered naturally for children to eat the remaining foods conveniently. The bottom of the food tray is adsorbed onto a table and cannot easily slip down from the table. Monee’s mischief-preventive absorption food tray is safe as it is made from 100% platinum silicone material.
Baby Bowl is a tableware for babies who eat small amounts of baby food. It is equipped with a removable handle for mothers to easily lift and float, and a lid for easy storage of baby food. Kids Bowl and Dinosaur Bowl are specially designed for children, and in particular, the Dinosaur Bowl can stick to flat surfaces to avoid spilling by children while eating.
The same as the adsorption food tray, other tableware introduced earlier is also designed for children to eat by themselves conveniently with its rounded side and bottom inclined design. There is a gradation in the bowl to conveniently measure the amount of food according to the child’s age.
Monee Silicon Spoon is to feed weaning food for babies. A tooth developer is attached to the end of the handle for babies who have teeth beginning to emerge. The handle of the spoon and fork set is designed for children to hold and eat foods easily. In particular, a groove is designed inside of the fork so that it can hold slippery food like noodles. The silicone spoon and spoon & fork set can be used hygienically as their heads are designed not to touch the bottom.

Founded in 2013, Monee is a designer baby goods brand. Its products including Monee Cap, Milk Clip and Monee Food Tray are designed for children’s self-directed eating habits. Monee is currently exporting to many Asian countries including Singapore and Thailand, and recently signed a contract to distribute its products in the USA. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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