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October 23, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1910C43] BOM (Beauty Of Majesty) Mat-Holic Tint is mat finish tint that allows a variety of styling with the strong color formation and light and soft formulation. It adheres to the lips without stickiness and provides persistence, sustaining all day long. Five kinds of colors allow various lip makeup styles such as full lip or gradation, and non-dry lip care is possible with the mat texture containing oil complex including rosehip oil, apricot seed oil, avocado oil, and macadamia seed oil.
Wonder Proof Pen Eye Liner is a long-lasting eyeliner in waterproof

formulation resistant against water and sweat and offering remarkable persistency. Its carbon black color instead of regular black provides more vivid and clear color formation, and its much finer and more delicate brush compared to the general felt type enables one to complete a sophisticated and meticulous line.
In addition, its ink tank type allows identical color formation from start to the last drop, and the paraben-free formulation allows one to apply the product safely even on sensitive and exquisite eye rims. This product ensures easily washable type cleansing that offers the users simple easy and neat cleansing just by soaking the skin with warm water and then scrubbing lightly.
The baseline of BOM Eight Tea series consists of cleansing water, cleansing form, toner, and lotion, and contains eight kinds of tea substances to provide non-dry moisture cleansing and skincare. All

of these four products are slightly acid, so this cleansing & skincare line can be applied safely even to sensitive skin. They are composed of water or fluid formulation, and moisture soothing cleansing & skincare line providing a non-sticky light and fresh feeling so anybody regardless of age and gender can use them freely.
Founded in 2015, Bstarlit Co., Ltd. specializes in developing cleansing and basic cosmetics as well as color cosmetics containing eight kinds of tea ingredients, and exports to various countries including Vietnam, China, Kuwait and five other Middle East countries. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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