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October 23, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1910C42] OPTATUM brand, which allows users to select the aroma they want for the first time in the world, is a premium essence oil from the famous Grasse region in France, and consists of 100 % natural grain-based natural aroma without any chemicals added, diffuser, dress perfume, soap, vehicle air freshener, and hand creams.
The diffuser comes in an elegant and refined glass bottle design and the specially treated natural flower preserved can be maintained for 3~5 years and features excellent interior effect and aroma.
Dress perfume allows the user’s own fragrance to be carried anytime.

This is a luxurious product with high-class packaging and block bottle design, and is portable in a bag or pouch. OPTATUM soap is natural functional soap (CP) focusing on hypoallergenic, muscle relaxation, all-in-one, skin pore cleaning, whitening, skin problems, and removing dead skin cells, and immunity intensification.
The vehicle air freshener has a black design suitable for various vehicles, and provides EVA and plaster refill fragrant in the concept of wishing good luck through 12 zodiac signs This sticky-free highly moisturized hand cream captivates the user’s heart based on OPTATUM incense.
All OPTATUM products are high-end brands selling in famous department stores and select shops in Korea, and all Francfranc shops in Japan.
Since its establishment in 2015, business started with the selling of mobile phone cradles and vehicle-mounted cradles, and after incorporation in 2017, FUNSHINE Inc. acquired a venture company certificate in 2017 and established the company’s annex research institute in 2018.

With 100 million won of capital the company achieved 18.6 billion won of sales per year by 2017, and won the 10-million-dollar Export Tower Award on the 55th Trading Day organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2018.

Starting with the OPTATUM diffuser, the company has been selling dress perfumes and natural soaps, vehicle air fresheners, and perfume hand creams, and is preparing the launch of body care and various other products.
For all OPTATUM products supply contracts were concluded with Francfranc, the premier shop in Japan, and the products are selling simultaneously in 120 shops. In addition, they are supplied to domestic department stores and duty-free shops for hotel interiors and scent marketing.

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