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Korean Traditional Rice Cakes | Korean Products

[INQ. NO. 1910C44] GRC (Good Rice Cake) sweet white rice cake is made of Korean non-glutinous rice powder, and the black sesame and black sugar mixing source adds savory taste between pure and neat white rice cake seasoned with more than three years aged Shinan sun-dried salt. The dough mixed with a small amount of milk adds a savory taste.
Of the ingredients, 100 % Korean products are used for the glutinous rice and salt. Because prolamin in the glutinous rice helps to increase digestive mucus for better absorption of nourishment in the stomach, this product is good for breakfast or a snack for everyone regardless of gender and age and for persons who have weak digestive systems.

Baguette glutinous rice cake (Baguette rice cake − plain, sweet, red bean) is selected as one of the products (from a total of 53 companies) to be displayed in the innovation zone of Shanghai ‘Sial Innovation 100’ where 4,300 companies participated and Bangkok ‘THAIFEX Taste Innovation Show’ where 700 companies participated. It was reborn by integrating baguette as its motif with rice cake, one of the Korean traditional foods. Adding aromatic flavor with walnut chips it allows the user to savor both the crispy outer part and chewy inner part at the same time. Grilled cake made of glutinous rice offers a crispy texture of the outer part; chewy texture of inner part; homely plain taste; sweet taste like honey made by mixing black sugar, peanut chips, yellow bean powder and starch; and the taste of sweet red bean paste where even chewing texture is added by putting almond chips into the red beans boiled directly every day.

Chocolate glutinous rice cake was developed from existing traditional hand-made glutinous rice cake. Glutinous rice cake in the chewing layer covers the middle paste made by warming up Belgian chocolate in a double boiler, and cocoa powder is sprinkled on top of the cake, which offers not simple sweet but bitter-sweet taste. It is popular not just among children but also adults and sells quickly through SNS for snacks or dessert. Consumers can enjoy this product as an ice chocolate dessert when it is in a frozen state, and also enjoy the unusual chocolate flavors and chewing texture of glutinous rice when it is defrosted.
Founded in 2014, GRC Corp. exports its HRCCP-certified products to Australia, the UK, the USA and Vietnam. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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