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October 24, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1910C48] Saimdang Memoir of Colors shampoo supplies elasticity and nutrients even to the deep places of the hair with over 60 kinds of Bentonite minerals and Oriental medicine extracts to make the hair fundamentally healthy.
This product is superb for those persons concerned about thin and inelastic hair; those who are seeking soft cool and refreshing shampoo; those who are looking for scalp care shampoo due to hair loss; and those who are suffering from stress due to dead skin cells on the scalp.

Gel type Bentonite covers the hair minutely and prevents hair damage including hair split or hair cut. It maintains moisturized and tranquil hair all day long and provides moisture to damaged and dry hair. Also, dusts and residuals of styling products can be cleansed thoroughly from the hair through Bentonite.
Clogged and stacked wastes on the scalp aggravate hair roots and lead to hair loss. It makes rough and spoiled scalp and hair roots healthy and helps to prevent hair loss
Saimdang Memoir of Colors conditioner is recommendable to personsseeking vibrant and shiny hair texture; those who are concerned about sagging and feeble hair; those who cannot use regular conditioner due to sensitive scalp; and those who are worrying about hair with split-ends that tangles easily.
Gel type Bentonite forms a moisture layer on hair damaged by chemical treatment, reduces nutrient loss and maintains moisture. Over 60 kinds of minerals supply nutrients even to the deep parts of the hair to complete healthy and beautiful hair texture, and make hard-to-manage rough and split-end hair elastic and voluminous.
AHLIN Co., Ltd. is a general trading company established in 1996 conducting import and export business. Since its establishment, the company has imported raw materials from Pakistan and conducted export & export brokerage, customs clearance consulting, and international distribution services in China and other counties.

The company won the 3-million-dollar Export Tower Award on the 46th Trading Day in 2009 and the 5-million-dollar Export Tower Award on the Trading Day in 2015. The Chinese market is on an upward trend while the superiority of Korean products has become known to the market, so even more marketability can be expected in future. The company has grown while concentrating on securing distribution networks for markets in China. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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