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October 25, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1910C56] Lki Panda is a silicone toothbrush for two to five year old babies with excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The soft antibacterial silicone toothbrush safely protects infants’ gums and teeth, gently massaging infants’ teeth and gums, thus helping their teeth develop evenly. The replaceable brush heads can be removed from the toothbrush head and disinfected in the boiling water for hygienic use.
Silisol is a toothbrush with dual structure – silicone bristles on the edge and a nylon bristles in the middle. The silicone bristles are excellent in protecting the gums by preventing scratches on the gums due to the widening of the nylon bristles. This product combines the two advantages of silicone bristles’

excellent plaque removal and nylon bristles’ deep cleansing between the teeth. The replaceable silicon brush heads can be removed from the toothbrush head and disinfected in boiling water for hygienic use.
Silisol Toothbrush for Gum Massage is a toothbrush that is suitable for people with aching, bleeding, and very sensitive teeth or gums. The antibacterial silicone bristles are excellent for oral bacteria inhibition, and are also excellent for plaque removal and gum massage, promoting blood circulation and developing the gum muscles that surround the roots, and thus effectively delaying the deterioration of the gums.
Founded in 2010, LKIMEX Co., Ltd. manufactures silicone functional toothbrushes as well as nylon toothbrushes. The functional silicone toothbrush made of antibacterial silicone is excellent for protecting teeth and gums. It has high affinity with the human body and is especially helpful for pregnant women who need gum care before and after childbirth, infants, and those with sensitive gums. Breaking the stereotype of toothbrushes, it leads the change in the public perception of brushing teeth alone into one of gums having to be taken care of as well as teeth. It also has excellent effects of the silicon toothbrush to remove plaque and the nylon toothbrush to perform thorough cleansing. The products of LKIMEX are currently exported to China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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