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October 25, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1910C59] NWK- 742, a hybrid nano mineral water base, has been gaining a high reputation for innovative, good quality, and competitive prices in the outdoor wall and floor industry and is also showing sustained growth.
The crosslinking system of NWK 742 and Acrylic Emulsion is designed to formulate NWK 742 coatings improving hardness and chemical, thermal, UV resistance and breathability in many coating applications.
Using the only premium ingredients from nature, it penetrates into the substrate and by chemical reaction creates a permanent bond,

forming a microporous breathable coating that is highly vapor permeable yet very water-resistant. The permeability of the NWK 742 coating allows the concrete’s trapped water vapor to escape without damaging the paint layer. And the trapping of the water vapor underneath the coating creates surface detachment.
Equipped with high compressive strength (impact resistance), it distributes the external shock, minimizing damage to the coating surface, while the low VOC and flame retardant is highly useful in fire hazard locations.
NWK- 742 protects and preserves buildings and civil engineering structures for an extended period, reducing lifetime maintenance costs, maintaining and preserving coated materials used at high temperatures for an extended period with heat resistance, reducing lifetime maintenance costs, preventing stains with self-cleaning effect, and resisting chemicals. It can also be used for places where the durability of glass is necessary.
NWK 742 is effective in the prevention of stain and bill posting, while contributing to crime prevention and urban scenic preservation. It is also resistant to cigarette burns and heat, making it highly durable.
By combining the strengths of inorganic and organic materials, an excellent coating film that surpasses fluorine resin coating is achieved. As a finishing material, NWK 742 System (completely inorganic, room-temperature glass coating material) is coated as strong UV and anti-carbonization.
Super long-term protection for coated materials that is impossible with conventional organic coating materials has been realized.

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