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Wig Bond & Remover | Korean Products

[INQ. NO. 1910C57] Lace Wig Bond features high-performance and safety-first adhesive that is perfect for full lace wigs, The white glue turns transparent in 30 seconds and it holds strong for four to five weeks after applying it. Having no odor and using no paraben or latex, it is non-toxic and highly resistant to moisture, humidity, water, and oil.
It can be used without worries for swimming, working out and any other activities that involve heavy perspiration. Lace Wig Bond consists of three different types – Gold, Diamond, and Platinum – depending

on the viscosity, bonding power, and drying speed.
Lace Wig Bond Remover ensures clean removal. Reusable, the adhesive’s ultra-bond features a strong hold and excellent bonding power. Any wig comes off easily with the use of Lace Wig Remover.
Eyelash Extension Glue stands up to heavy perspiration and high humidity with a reinvigorated formula that provides six to seven weeks of reliable hold time. It is formulated to work instantly in the most vulnerable situations. ADCILS Adhesive provides natural eyelashes with less need for a strong bonding product than other brands.
In particular, the ADCILS Eyelash Extension Remover & Primer Series have been enjoying a good reputation thanks to its high quality, freshness, safety and quick removal.
SILSTAR is a leading manufacturer of liquid adhesives and glues. The company also produces various cosmetic glue products for wigs based on beauty glue manufacturing R&D. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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