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October 28, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1910C66] Youguth, produced by CKD Bio, is a probiotics brand. Consisting of combined words-You, Gut, and Youth, its brand name implies “Bring Back Youth to Your Bowls.” Youguth features lactic acid bacteria cultivated in the intestines of newborn infants and various plants by using a natural patent cultivation method, thus providing an increased stability so that lactic acid bacteria can reach to the intestine without additional coating. In addition, it contains 100 billion CFU of lactic acid bacteria and ensures the maximum daily intake of 10 billion cfu within the shelf life certified by KFDA.

Youguth consists of Child Strength Up for children, Lady Charming Up for Women, Green Energy Up for adults and Silver Up for seniors.
Children’s Child Strength Up, along with seven strains of lactic acid bacteria isolated from newborn infants, added zinc and colostrum components to the child’s normal immune function and cell division. Lady Charming Up for Women helps protect skin from harmful oxygen and protect skin moisture by adding vitamin C and collagen together with five kinds of vegetable lactic acid bacteria derived from spinach, tomatoes, and traditional kimchi. General Adult Green Energy Up contains vitamins B, calcium pantothenate and ginkgo biloba extract, which help improve energy production and vitality, along with four kinds of plant-derived lactic acid bacteria that have excellent viability and adhesion effects in the intestines. Silver Up for seniors, can help bone health by injecting calcium and soy isoflavone with four kinds of lactic acid bacteria derived from newborns and plants.

CKD Bio is devoted to improving people’s lives through better medicines developed with over 78 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Based on integrated technology and experience in fermentation & synthesis for several decades, the company has been manufacturing and supplying various kinds of fermentation API & intermediates to over 60 countries. Its plant has been strictly operated in compliance with worldwide GMP requirements, under our current industrial fermenter capacities of more than 1,500m3.
Based on a strong fermentation specialty, CKD Bio has been manufacturing probiotics as health functional food from raw materials to finished products in our own GMP facilities, the company is aiming to enter into not only development/launches for our own products but also contract research/manufacturing (CRO/CMO) for third parties. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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