Sponge & Stainless Steel Scrubbers


[INQ. NO. 1910C65] Mr. King of House Keeping is an antimicrobial scrubber made of durable German 66 nylon combined with an antimicrobial sponge and filter foam bonded together in a triple structure. Using a fine stoner, it is designed to minimize the risk of scratches. It can be used for cooking utensils as well as for high-quality dishes.
Consisting of a triple–layered sponge and filter, Mr. King of House Keeping Antibacterial Bottle Brush is durable and fits well on any

bottle or tumbler thanks to its curved shape and can be used without fear of scratches.
Mr. King of House Keeping Antibacterial Multipurpose Scrubber is a triple-structured product equipped with a mesh net with a uniform brush on the antimicrobial sponge. The mesh net with brushing effect is excellent for washing nets such as boiled nets and sieves and is excellent for cleansing contaminated dirt from tile crevices.
Mr. King of House Keeping is made of STS 304S and TS 430, a high-quality material. KC–certified, it features excellent elasticity and durability. It is easily polished when stained.
Established in 1996, INSAN Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in antibacterial scrubbers as Korea’s first to use inorganic antibacterial agents harmless to the human body. All its products have acquired and renewed the Q mark for quality and SF mark for sanitary processing as well as ISO 9001; 2015 certification.

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