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November 5, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1911C43] The beverage powder products produced by Orange People Co., Ltd. include latte powder made with eco-friendly raw materials for premium food and beverages and a superlative beverage powder that can be enjoyed by adding milk.
Patented for the first time in Korea, Mascarpone Tiramisu Powder is a product to make various items such as cheese latte, cheesecake, cheese ice cream, shaved ice, cookies, and smoothies.
Made of Jeju Island’s best-quality green tea, Green Tea Latte Powder is an agricultural product containing healthy elements of Korea’s organic raw materials. The premium latte powder products of Orange People using organic raw materials from all over Korea help consumers to stay healthy as well as enjoy a delicious latte. It is also fun to choose from local specialties such as Taro Powder with various flavors, Mint Chocolate Frappe Powder, Dark Chocolate Powder, Earl Grey Tea Latte Powder, and Yogurt Powder.

CUPFUL Shake is a water-based powder made by considering the precious time and essential nutrients for busy modern people. It is gaining popularity as a substantial meal. The pouch type product, coming in six flavors, can be selected according to one’s taste. Easy to carry and ingest, this product is highly suitable for a diet. Providing nutrients by 80 to 125 calories per pack based on a meal, CUPFUL Shake is a substantial meal substitute that can be consumed by simply adding water anytime, anywhere and it is gaining an incredible response as an excellent diet food, children’s snack, and drink.
With its R&D Center equipped with new state-of-the-art technologies Orange People Co., Ltd. manufactures, distributes, and exports more than 23 kinds of high-quality, well-being drink powders that are highly competitive in terms of both taste and quality by using pure domestic raw materials, stock coffee beans, and B2C products including CUPFUL stick-type powder, Lava stick-type powder, and CUPFUL Shake, etc. Having obtained Korea’s first and exclusive patents for Mascarpone Cheese Powder and Jujube Latte Powder), Orange People maintains a high level of quality by raising the taste and flavor of beverages, allowing consumers to taste the superlative beverage powders themselves. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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